Program 2

The End of the Track  Mou Tun-fei (1970, 91’)

©Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute

Tong and Yong-sheng hail from different social classes, but are inseparable. After Yong-sheng accidentally dies before Tong’s eyes, Tong is overwhelmed by guilt. Tormented by the loss, he tries to make amends with his friend’s family. At the time, this film was banned and it has only become available for screenings recently, shortly after the director’s death in 2019.

©Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute

Run  Han Hsiang-ning (1966, 5’)

On a morning in 1966, artist Xi De-jin runs around the roundabout of Renai Road, in Taipei, while an 8mm camera tags along. The runner, wearing a striped outfit, keeps striding forward to some unknown finish line, his eyes looking around from time to time; suddenly, a crowd of motorcycles appears and engulfs him.